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Private Personal Training in Twin Falls, ID

We'll Help Upgrade Your Body


with Personalized Strength Training Coaching

Get Strong, Healthy, and Lean at any age or experience level with Personal Training in our Private Gym

Client Centered Personal Training
A "Strength First Approach" - Scaled to You

We've worked with everyone from youth athletes, busy soccer moms, business executives, to grandmothers. We believe in STRENGTH as a means to achieve your fitness, health, and physique goals. Our gym uses primarily free weights and experienced coaching to get our clients stronger. Though they can be intimidating if you are new to this type of gym environment, we help you scale training to meet you where you are at physically to ensure a safe progression at any skill level.  No matter age or your ability, we have a system to get you fit, strong, and healthy while holding you accountable to the plan along the way. 

Why Choose Ground Zero?


Work With a Professional Coach Along the Way

Reach your goals faster by working with an experienced professional coach. Your investment of time and money is too important to waste pursuing the latest fitness craze, fads, or gimmick. You will be guided through each and every workout to make sure you are progressing at a rate appropriate for you and performing exercises safely and efficiently. 


An Exclusive Private Gym

If you are turned off by the crowds and chaos inside most large commercial gyms then you’ll love training inside of a smaller private facility alongside a coach who is 100% focused on you and your goals. Ground Zero is a fully equipped gym, but we are exclusively dedicated to our personal training clients and you won’t find the crowds and chaos standard in most commercial health clubs or large group classes.


Individualized, Strength Focus Approach

You are an individual with a unique set of goals and challenges – and we treat you as such. Clients are placed on a customized strength & fitness program appropriate for their goals, their needs, and their current level of ability. Strength Training should be the number one priority of men and women ages 40 and above. Loss of muscle mass accelerates with every decade of life and leads to a loss of functional strength, stamina, mobility, and a slowing of the metabolism which leads to excess body fat accumulation. You can reverse this trend with a properly designed strength training program.

See Why We Are One of The Best Gyms in Southern Idaho



3 types of service are available at GZS. Small Group personalized strength training is the main focus of the gym helping you stronger, no matter your experience level, under the guidance of a dedicated professional coach.  Open gym club access is also available for select individuals outside coached hours who value a well-equipped barbell gym.  



Ground Zero Strength

772 Falls Avenue

Twin Falls, ID, 83301

Membership inquiry by appointment only. 

Limited spots available. 

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Tel: 208-420-3804

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