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Youth and Teen Training

Training Safety, Building Self-Confidence, A Positive Outlet

An inclusive, safe, and positive environment.

Youth Strength Training

Our Youth & Teen training is not just about the exercise or sports performance improvement. It is exactly like a Team environment. It is all-inclusive and open to participants from 5th grade through senior year of high school. We have trained children with a variety of psychological and physical conditions. The expectations are that each person treats one another with acceptance, respect, and positive encouragement. The ideals behind the program are to build physical abilities, enhance work ethic, make friends, improve self-confidence, and foster life-long habits related to health and fitness.

Health, Longevity, Athleticism

Safety First

All of our staff possess a minimum of a Master's degree and years of experience training 100's of individuals. Safety is our number one priority. We teach safe technique and exercise methods to everyone.

Healthy, Fit, Athletic

Almost all participants have never adhered to a training program for more than a few months. Even if they have worked out before, they haven't gone through a professionally designed training program. Our staff are experts in exercise science and design highly effective, gradual, and safe programs for participants.


Our staff is not "old school". The atmosphere is up to date with trends in sport & exercise psychology. It is positive, inclusive, accepting and very encouraging.

Unparalleled Expertise.

Our staff is made up of professionals with Bachelor's and Master's under the kinesiology and strength and conditioning umbrella, holding the most difficult to obtain strength coaching certifications in the industry. To our knowledge, there is no other facility like ours within the Magic Valley area. 

Our staff will make sure you will feel safe, you will be guided appropriately for your level of ability and function, and you will feel comfortable along the way.

Sign Up for a Free Orientation Session with a coach.

During the Orientation session, we'll discover how we can work together to reach you (or your young athlete's) goals. We'll talk about what you hope to accomplish, your story, and what you can expect from us.

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Thank you. Our coach will reach out to you ASAP to schedule your free session.

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