Connie, 61

Connie joined Ground Zero Strength 6 months ago and has been working with Head Coach Sam twice a week.

She decided to look into strength training because she didn't want strength to limit her during her summer backcountry horseback and fly-fishing trips. She also wanted to get stronger, so everyday life - where she farms and spends time woodworking - is easier on her as she ages.


Since training, she has reduced chronic pain in her knees and hips, built strength and flexibility in her joints, and has lifted weights she never though imaginable. Everyday activities she enjoys like working, swimming, and running have been more enjoyable. She intends to keep strength training as a part of her routine for the foreseeable future.

Danielle, 31

Danielle decided to give strength training at Ground Zero Strength a try after not having much success in the group training and circuit training vortex. She works a stressful job, and is a U.S. Navy Reservist and was finding her motivation to stay fit for her jobs dwindling.


She started in November of 2021 working with Head Coach Sam, and quickly found enjoyment in the simple and systematic barbell training methods. She signed up for her first powerlifting meet in March, and set multiple Veteran/First Responder Class women's state records.


She's developed confidence in her physical ability and built muscle along the way. She looks forward to rocking her yearly Navy Physical Readiness Test.