1-Month Strength Challenge

Each new personal training coaching client starts with our Risk Free trial period to learn the main lifts safely and experience the  immediate effects of proper strength training. After the first month, you will have gotten stronger and comfortable with training with weights, your muscles will be firmer, and some inches will have come off your waist. Our most successful clients make a longer-term commitment at the end of the trial. If you want to continue on as a member or on your own, that's fine too. If interested, fill out an application using the "Get Started" button below. You will be contacted after your application is reviewed to schedule an introductory session to the basics of strength training, do a workout, and set up the rest of the month's training. 

The one-month trial is $35/session (for 3 sessions/week) or $45/session (for two sessions/week), billed monthly. 

Small Group Semi-Private Training 

Learn how to get stronger in a small group environment. No matter your age, goals, or experience, this is one of the best ways to get valuable coaching without breaking the bank.  Youth athletes, older adults, or anyone needing to build strength can benefit from semi-private training.  You'll get a custom program delivered weekly designed to meet your goals, as well as in-person coaching to keep you on track. Choose from either 1 Coached session per week or unlimited. As a member, you'll also get access to the gym during non-coached hours! Must have lifting experience and proven ability to train safely in the gym, or have gone through the 1-Month Coaching Period. 


Contact us for openings and rates. 

1 on 1 Premium Personal Strength Training

Our premium coaching service. In-depth strength training plan and coaching where you get one-on-one attention from a coach. You'll meet with your coach 3-4x per week for private sessions. This is advised for people who want a more private and personalized approach than our trial group coaching offers, or may have highly specific goals that require more in depth work between client and coach.


Contact us for rates and availability. 

24-Hour Access Open Gym 

Looking for a place to train without waiting for equipment? Try our open gym. For those looking to perform their training and don't need coaching, this will get you access to the gym 24/7 via key card. You'll be surrounded by members who all have the same goal as you, to get strong and enjoy life! Must have lifting experience and proven ability to train safely in the gym, or have gone through the 1-Month Coaching Period. 


Open gym options start at $65/month. Limited spots available, so contact us for availability! 

Barbell Training Clinic

If you want to learn the basic barbell lifts this is for you. We’ll cover the squat, press, deadlift, and bench press and hone your technique while troubleshooting any issues and concerns you have. During the clinic we’ll teach you the basics of programming and nutrition and send you off with a plan for training on your own.


The 1 day clinic lasts about 3 hours and costs $200. If you’d like to bring a friend or relative, it is an additional $100.


Reserved Training Time

Guaranteed space in the gym for you - No waiting for equipment

Quality Strength Equipment

High quality, safe equipment to ensure piece of mind when training

Dedicated Strength Coaching

Real-time feedback on your lifts to ensure safe and effective technique to maximize progress. 

Dedicated Log Book

Custom app to track your progress over time

Individualized Training Plan

Each trainee gets individualized programming to maximize progress. We track progress by added strength. 


Surround yourself a tight-knit group of  members all with similar goals as you. 

Nutrition Guidance

General nutrition recommendations to help you achieve your goals. Strength training aids in both fat loss and muscle bulding. 

Fair Policies

We don't do what other gyms do - no pushy sales, no contracts, no hidden fees.

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