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An Inclusive, Safe, and Positive Environment. 

We Help You Look and Feel Stronger

Each new personal training client begins their training with the one 1-Month Coaching On-Ramp after a Free Training Orientation. 

100% of our clients see results in strength and the way they look when they follow the process. As you get stronger, you'll notice your muscles change: more muscle and less fat. You'll have more energy and more motivation during the day. You'll see improved performance in the activities you love to do. You'll learn principles to help you train smart, so you get the results you want. 

We can't make numbers lie. We'll measure your progress with your improved strength under the bar. This works for everyone - no matter your current fitness level.

Who Is Strength Training For?

Everyone comes to GZS initially with different needs and goals.

Some need to lose weight. Some need to gain muscle. Many clients have health issues they are trying to resolve.   Some are active in sports or competition that are physically demanding.  Almost all are unhappy with the way that they currently look and feel and strength is limiting them in some way. 

At the heart of all of these issues is a lack of basic strength and muscle mass, and an unfamiliarity with how to strength train correctly. As we age, our body begins to rapidly lose strength and shed muscle mass. If you don’t address this issue it can have severe consequences later in life.

A training program that is primarily focused on building strength and muscle is the first step towards achieving your individual goals. It is the foundation that almost everyone lacks, and is the place where we start our clients.

More strength and muscle will improve your appearance and speed up your metabolism. More strength and muscle will improve your resistance to disease such as osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes.  More strength will improve your performance in sport and in life.

A stronger body will give you more energy, more vigor and vitality, and more confidence to pursue the things in life you love.

How Does it Work?

We don't exercise. We Train.


You are an individual with a unique set of needs and goals. We treat you as such.

You receive 1 on 1 attention and programming customized to you in a small group training environment

We teach a progression that allows for steady strength gains, meeting you where you are at physically using safe and effective free weight exercises. 


Your form and technique is constantly coached to ensure safety and effectiveness at all times.

Workout by workout, we will progress you through your training program (and at times push you) at a pace appropriate for you. We will make sure you are making consistent and steady progress week by week, month by month, year by year. 

This isn't a normal exercise program. We don't set out to get you sweaty, get your heart pumping, or quickly burn calories. We don't make up a new workout each day and tell you variety is key. At the end

of the day, random workouts do not work. 

Our training is different from most. It’s logical, regimented, and planned long term with a specific goal in mind. 

Random exercise with no clear long-term goal or intent is not training. Everything we do at GZS is straightforward and efficient so that your strength will continue to increase for a long time. You will actually see (and feel!) your progress each day as the weights slowly increase. All you need to do is show up and get under the bar.

Ground Zero is a Starting Strength Affiliate Gym

Starting Strength Affiliate Gyms are the best places to train in the United States. Managed by Starting Strength Coaches who have been evaluated for their expertise in instruction and their understanding of the Starting Strength method, a Starting Strength Gym affiliation is your assurance of a quality training experience, whether you join as a member or are just in the area for the week. Expert coaching, the finest equipment, and a helpful attitude toward your training goals are all part of the experience at a Starting Strength Affiliate Gym. For a list of all the Starting Strength Affiliate Gyms please visit


Reserved Training Time

Guaranteed space in the gym for you - No waiting for equipment

Quality Strength Equipment

High quality, safe equipment to ensure piece of mind when training

Dedicated Strength Coaching

Real-time feedback from a Starting Strength Coach on your lifts to ensure safe and effective technique to maximize progress. 

Dedicated Log Book

Custom app to track your progress over time

Individualized Training Plan

Each trainee gets individualized programming to maximize progress. We track progress by added strength. 


Surround yourself a tight-knit group of  members all with similar goals as you. 

Nutrition Guidance

General nutrition recommendations combined with training aids in both fat loss and muscle bulding. 

Fair Policies

We don't do what other gyms do - no pushy sales, no contracts, no hidden fees.



Get Your Free Orientation Session

Getting started is quick & easy! Your best results will come from a program personalized for you. Your initial session will give insights on how to achieve your goals with our strength first approach. It’s also your opportunity to ask all your questions, try out the coaching, and help you decide if investing in training with us will get you better results than on your own. 

After that you can join our 1-Month On-Ramp where you train with your coach 2-3x/week. 


The purpose of the On-Ramp is to learn to train safely and effectively and see the immediate effects on your body and mind that come with strength training. Our most successful clients make a longer term commitment to training at the end of the 1-Month On-Ramp.



Connie Jo, 62 

Connie joined Ground Zero Strength 6 months ago and has been working with Head Coach Sam twice a week.

She decided to look into strength training because she didn't want strength to limit her during her summer backcountry horseback and fly-fishing trips. She also wanted to get stronger, so everyday life - where she farms and spends time woodworking - is easier on her as she ages.


Since training, she has reduced chronic pain in her knees and hips, built strength and flexibility in her joints, and has lifted weights she never though imaginable. Everyday activities she enjoys like working, swimming, and running have been more enjoyable. She intends to keep strength training as a part of her routine for the foreseeable future.

Danielle Taylor, 32

Danielle decided to give strength training at Ground Zero Strength a try after not having much success in the group training and circuit training vortex. She works a stressful job, and is a U.S. Navy Reservist and was finding her motivation to stay fit for her jobs dwindling.


She started in November of 2021 working with Head Coach Sam, and quickly found enjoyment in the simple and systematic barbell training methods. She signed up for her first powerlifting meet in March, and set multiple Veteran/First Responder Class women's state records.


She's developed confidence in her physical ability and built muscle along the way. She looks forward to rocking her yearly Navy Physical Readiness Test.

Kemryn Leavitt, 23

Kemryn, a Pilot Instructor, came to Ground Zero initially to "get in better shape" for outdoor activities he loves, like skiing and mountain biking. He welcomed the philosophy that focusing on strength will help him become better at those activities. 

Kemryn bought into the process of getting stronger, which for young, naturally lean guys an increase in body weight and muscle mass is required to reap the benefits. 

Over the course of 6 months, Kemryn went from a bodyweight of 165lbs and never lifting weights before to 195lbs bodyweight.


He since squatted 245lbs, deadlifted 365lbs, benched 150lbs, and pressed 110lbs. 

"Skiing and mountain biking have become easier, I'm no longer tired after a long day since I started training"

Jamie Jolly, 40

Jamie recently lost 200lbs after gastric bypass surgery. She had been trying to lift weights to build some muscle and get stronger but hadn't had much success and didn't know where to start. She found that despite losing weight, she didn't feel strong and confident in her body. She needed something simple, straight forward, and effective and found the training at Ground Zero. 


She joined our Strength Challenge in April, and has trained for almost 4 months. Since starting, she's been noticing muscles "she didn't know she had" and has seen a reduction in the loose skin from her weight loss just from building muscle. This has boosted her confidence in many aspects of her life. 

She has since competed in multiple powerlifting meets and plans on making strength training a part of her life as long as possible. 

Cody and Ellen Dedmon

Cody and Ellen were brand new lifters and have been training at Ground Zero since June of 2022. 


 Since starting they have both hit massive PR's and found out what they are capable of under the bar.


During that time they've lost a combined 70lbs of bodyweight by making a few lifestyle changes and 3x per week together has helped them build a stronger relationship.

Nicole Sharp, 34

Nicole has been training at Ground Zero for 6 months. At one point she was a competitive Olympic weightlifter and avid cross fitter.

After a 4-year layoff from training, she was looking for a gym with the focus on strength - knowing being strong would keep her doing the things she wants to do.  


As part of our morning group, Nicole enjoys the simple and effective nature of the training, programming, and coaching. She's hit lifetime PR's most importantly says she feels, looks, and functions better in her daily life with strength training now being a part of her life. 

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