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Ground Zero Strength Systems Online 

No Gimmicks, No Fads, No Bullshit.


Work with Starting Strength Coach Sam Krapf Online,  just like in the gym, but delivered world-wide. 

With smart, realistic programming, you can make progress on your lifts all year long. You can avoid months long ruts of stagnation and frustration.

With the right balance of heavy barbell based strength work and bodybuilding style accessory work you can finally start to “look like you lift” and prove it with bigger numbers on the bar. 

With the right volume and frequency you can bust your ass in the gym and still feel great out of the gym. What’s the point of getting bigger and stronger if you’re too tired, sore, and injured to do anything!

You can transform your lifts and your physique without spending your entire life in the gym!


You don’t need to train every day and you don’t need to dedicate 2-3 hours for a workout.

How it works:

After gathering initial screening information via this form and a brief call on your current training, nutrition, goals, and history, I put together a personalized program for you. 

Coaching options include an online program, video review, onlin
e logging, and progress analysis. Coaching plans include weekly progress updates, messaging support, ongoing feedback and recommendations, updates to your programming as needed, and support through the various ups and downs that are a part of life. 

Online Coaching options start at $200/month

What is included? 

  • Personalized training program

  • Personalized nutrition guidlines 

  • Personalized conditioning plans

  • Custom program/plan updates and adjustments

  • Weekly check-in

  • Online tracking and analysis

  • Video form review

  • Competition prep and support

  • Online progress tracking

Please fill out this Pre-Strategy Session Form

After you submit the form, you will be contacted ASAP to set up a free strategy session call to learn more about you, discuss your goals, and see if online training is a fit for you. 

Our programs require serious commitment on your part, in terms of your investment of time, effort and money. Are you ready to be challenged by your coach to get stronger and achieve your goals?
How frequently are you able to train?
When are you hoping to get started?
Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch with you as soon as possible, or if we have already chatted, we will see you on the strategy call. Be on the lookout for a call/text/email from us.
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