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Our Facility

The gym is a barbell-based training gym of roughly 1000 square feet. There are plenty of squat racks and deadlift platforms for people to get their serious training done. This is no health spa or commercial gym. Every piece of equipment has a specific purpose: to get your strong and build the body you desire. 


(Coming soon! New Facility doubling us in size beginning of May 2022)

A list of gym equipment and amenities include:

  • 2 Rep PR-4000 Power Cages

  • 1 Rogue Monster Squat Rack

  • One Big Ugly Squat Stand

  • 6 Deadlift Platforms

  • Competition Style Power Rack

  • Texas Strength Systems Combo Rack 

  • Rogue Calibrated Steel Competition Plates

  • Plenty of Iron Plates

  • Dual Cable Machine

  • Lat-Pull Down

  • Dumbbells from 5-100lbs

  • Rogue and Texas Power Bars

  • Rogue and Texas Deadlift Bars

  • Texas Squat Bar

  • Elite FTS Safety Squat Bar

  • Multi-grip bars

  • Some Strongman Equipment

  • Other Specialty Barbells

  • And more!

How Does Coaching Work?

If you want to get started on a training/coaching  program, the first step is to request an initial consultation through the contact links. The consultation is completely free and there are no high pressure sales tactics. The consultation is an informal meet and greet where you can ask questions and we can discuss your goals in greater detail. Prior to booking your consultation, I’ll email you information about pricing and scheduling. This will ensure my rates are within your budget and that our schedules can coordinate. If rates and scheduling are agreeable to you, then we can proceed with our initial consultation and book your first training appointment shortly thereafter. Which route you go (semi-private or 1 on 1) will determine how many sessions we meet per week. 

Can I Drop In?

Yes! Stop by during day time non-coached hours to check out the gym. If you are looking for a day pass those are available!

How is GZS Different?

Ground Zero is the opposite of every commercial gym. We actually want our members to show up to train. We intend on being one big happy family in the name of strength. A true sanctuary for people wanting to get strong without the bullshit of a commercial gym. No cardio equipment. Few machines. No juice bar. No spa. No tanning beds. Just awesome people, hard work, barbells, squat racks, and chalk. This may turn some people away. That's okay. We aren't for everyone. 

The membership rates are higher than most gyms in town for a few different reasons:


  • 24-Hour Key Card Access

  • Small Membership Cap to avoid overcrowding

  • We will constantly update equipment

  • Basically no rules outside "Put your equipment away" and "turn the lights out when you leave".

Who's the Coach?

Sam Krapf - M.S. CSCS, Barbell Strength Coach

Who's the Coach?
  • After starting his strength coaching career at a 24-Hour box gym and a local athletic performance training facility while coaching collegiate baseball - Sam decided he wanted to provide his hometown of Twin Falls with a gym and community centered around Strength: And Ground Zero Strength Gym in Twin Falls, Idaho was built in November of 2021. 

  • Sam coaches clients both in his gym and online with a philosophy that STRENGTH acquired through systematic barbell and free weight training can be used as a means to achieve your fitness, health and physique goals. He utilizes the Starting Strength Basic Barbell Training method and other basic barbell training methods and principles when applicable with clients. 

  • He works with a variety of lifters, from 68-year-old grandmothers to amateur powerlifters, and specializes in scaling the exercises to meet clients where they are at physically. No matter a clients' ability, he ensures a safe progression at any skill level and finds what works to make clients stronger to help them reach their goals.

  • Sam holds a Bachelor's in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Sports Performance, in combination with a variety of PT and Strength Coach certifications.

  • He actively competes in powerlifting and other strength sports. 

We Will Be In Touch ASAP!
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