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Who Are We

October 8th, 10:00AM

We had so much fun at our last push-pull event we've decided to plan another. 

Our Summer Throwdown Push-Pull in June raised $600 towards the Stronger Than Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness Non-profit. 

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Halloween, we are taking the "spooky and boobie" approach to give back to those affected by breast cancer. 

You will get a chance to showcase your strength in the bench press and deadlift. 

Halloween costumes encouraged. 

Entry fee is $50. Lifters will have the option to enter the "Bench Press for Boobies Challenge" and donate an extra amount per pound for their best bench press attempt. Online submissions will be taken as well. 

All proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness. 

The lift will be hosted at the "Best Gym in town you've never heard of"

Due to the small space, the event is capped at 20 lifters. 

Register Now

After registration, you will be contacted on the specific details of the competition. Donation entry fee is non-refundable. 

I will be participating in:
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