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Starting Strength Barbell Clinic

The Starting Strength Barbell Clinic is an immersive 90-minute exposure to training with barbells with a Starting Strength Coach. Here, you will learn how to move and correctly perform the major barbell exercises that will serve as the foundation for your strength journey. Included in the session in an explanation of the 'why' and the 'how' as well as a discussion about programming basics and how to kick-start your training going forward. This is also perfect for someone who is looking for a one-off session with a Starting Strength Coach to tune up your lifts and programming. 

In this clinic We will Cover

What is the Barbell Clinic Like?

Common Questions

The barbell clinic lasts about 1.5 hours. Am I really going to be lifting weights for 1.5 hours without a break?

Many of our students worry that we will have them doing weight circuit training for an 2-hours straight. This is not the case and your coach will provide a comprehensive class which involves some lecture, demonstration, performance of all the lifts and some rest in-between sets of exercises. Everyone who attends will be able to perform the exercises safely.

Do I need to bring anything specific?

Please wear a plain cotton T-Shirt (not athletic material) and shorts or sweats. We have a water cooler and there will be some refreshments like coffee provided. If you have your own lifting shoes and lifting belt please bring them. If not don't worry, we have plenty for you to use at the gym.

I am nervous about training in the gym. What should I expect?

Our gym has people of all ages and abilities and we believe that we attract clients that are friendly and encouraging to each other. Our coaches are also always there for you to make sure you are comfortable and safe.

How is Ground Zero different than other group classes, Crossfit, Orangetheory, commercial gyms?

Most exercise classes typically consist of random activities that are designed to make you sweaty and feel good about being tired afterward. That is better than no exercise at all but we think that barbell training reliably and specifically makes every lifter stronger. Being stronger helps prevent injury, is good for your mental and physical health and improves general quality of life.

What if I’m overweight? Untrained? An elite athlete? Male? Female? Young? Old?

We have trained a host of people young, old, sedentary, overweight, underweight, untrained, and elite athletes to become stronger. We can always scale the training to meet you where you are at. 

(Women) Will lifting weights make me big and muscular?

This is a common misconception but becoming big and muscular is very, very difficult to do for women because of the hormonal differences between men and women. Lifting barbells will not turn a lady into muscled figure, but is great for weight loss and getting stronger.

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Clinic cost: $150

Non-refundable after purchase.

After you check out, you will be contacted by Head Coach Sam to schedule your session. 


Thank you. Head Coach Sam will contact you soon.

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