Meet Your Coach

Sam Krapf - M.S. CSCS

Barbell Strength Coach

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  • After starting his strength coaching career at a 24-Hour Box gym and a local athletic performance training facility while coaching collegiate baseball - Sam decided he wanted to provide his hometown of Twin Falls with a gym and community centered around Strength: And Ground Zero Strength Gym in Twin Falls, Idaho was built in November of 2021. 

  • Sam coaches clients both in his gym and online with a philosophy that STRENGTH acquired through systematic barbell and free weight training can be used as a means to achieve your fitness, health and physique goals. He utilizes the Starting Strength Basic Barbell Training method and other basic barbell training methods and principles when applicable with clients. 

  • He works with a variety of lifters, from 68-year-old grandmothers to amateur powerlifters, and specializes in scaling the exercises to meet clients where they are at physically. No matter a clients' ability, he ensures a safe progression at any skill level and finds what works to make clients stronger to help them reach their goals.

  • Sam holds a Bachelor's in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Sports Performance, in combination with a variety of PT and Strength Coach certifications.

  • He actively competes in powerlifting and other strength sports. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.